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mainly engaged in the production of aromatic chlorides and
inorganic supramolecular soil remediation materials



quality inspection

the quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management system is operating effectively and continuously improved, and the measurement assurance system has been confirmed. the company has gradually introduced an excellent performance management model and established a chief quality officer system. the detection methods are scientific and complete, the equipment is advanced, and the product quality is steadily improved. the self-researched and developed mixed benzene capillary chromatographic detection process has obtained the national invention patent (patent number: zl 200910135694.9), which is of great significance for promoting the improvement of product quality.
the industry standards for o-dichlorobenzene, p-dichlorobenzene, 2,5-dichloronitrobenzene, 2,4-dichloroacetophenone and other industry standards that were presided over by the formulation have been issued and implemented, and all technical indicators have been tested by authoritative departments. in the standard index. 2,5-dichloronitrobenzene and other products were rated as jiangsu famous brand products, and the dingyan longchang brand trademark was recognized as a famous brand in jiangsu province.

standard certificate 2,4-dichloroacetophenone

standard certificate 2,5-dichloronitrobenzene

standard certificate 3,4-dichloronitrobenzene

standard certificate of dichlorobenzene

standard certificate o-dichlorobenzene

international standard product mark certificate


jiangsu longchang chemical co., ltd.

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