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  • the company organized to carry out grass-roots party buildin... 2017-05-31

    in order to promote the implementation of the party building work responsibilities, and to strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, from may 23rd to 27, based on panda party de...

  • 2017-05-31

    recently, during tianjin metro group co for tianjin metro line 1 east extension to the national exhibition center project of automatic fare collection system and equipment procurement service " proje...

  • 2017-05-22

    since this year, panda information party committee is in accordance with the overall deployment of the commission for discipline inspection and the specific requirements, followed in strict honesty e...

  • at the skill competition of the 3rd provincial‘champion cup’... 2016-12-12

        from april 24 to april 28, the skill competition of the 3rd provincial ‘champion cup’ final was held in wuxi, jiangsu province.  mr. zhen peng and mr. wu xiongfeng of panda el...


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