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  • 2021-09-10

    recently, panda information successfully won the bid for the afc system project of nanjing metro line 5, with amount of 156.79 million yuan. by the end of august, the total amount of the bids and sig...

  • panda electronics launched the "quality month" in 2021 2021-09-10

    in order tofurther improve the quality awareness of all employees and quality level,comprehensively improve the quality of thecompany's products, projects and services, the planning and technologydep...

  • the business of panda information grew steadily 2021-08-20

    since this year, all employees of panda information paid close attention to practical work, aimed at the annual goal, and orderly promoted all work of production and operation. strive to promote mar...

  • 2021-08-20

    "i am carrying out disinfection and sterilization task, please avoid. please forgive the inconvenience!" a mobile disinfection and sterilization robot is flexibly shuttling between the floor corridor...

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