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panda electronics company ltd held 2016 annual general meeting

panda electronics  2017-07-10

on the afternoon of june 30th, panda electronics company ltd held its 2016 annual general meeting in the conference room of panda equipment park. the meeting was presided over by the chairman of the company, xu guofei, and some directors, supervisors, management personnel and accountants, witnessing lawyer attended the meeting.

the work report of the board of directors presented the financial and operating conditions of panda electronics company ltd in 2016, summarized the main work of the bod, and analyzed and discussed the future development of the company. the report pointed out that in 2017, panda electronics company ltd took the development of electronic equipment industry as the core, and the key breakthrough in core technologies so as to improve the level of industrialization, the supply side reform and implement the measures of improving quality and efficiency, strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, and making great stride in the main business breakthrough in industrial scale and the core of independent intellectual property rights. mainly for the following aspects: to complete the business objectives; to optimize the industrial structure, and to accelerate market expansion as well as to increase investment in scientific research, strengthen introduction and implementation; to enhance the core industrial scale, and to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrade and beef up the construction of talent team, and to improve the salary structure system and make a deep implementation of high quality and operational efficiency.

the report of the board of supervisors presented on 2016 annual meeting of the board of supervisors which was in accordance with the development of company operation, the cash dividend policy, the implementation of the company's financial situation, and the use of funds raised, the acquisition and sale of assets, and related inter-company transactions and internal control self-assessment report.

participants considered that the work report of the board of directors and the work report of the board of supervisors both were objective with a detailed and realistic and fact-seeking approach, and affirmed various work of the board of directors and the board of supervisors in the year of 2016.

the meeting also approved 2016 financial report and 2017 financial budget report, 2016 annual profit distribution plan, 2016 annual report and summary of investment projects to raise funds and savings will permanent supplement of working capital motion. the left picture was the conference scene.

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