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panda electronics held a commemoration of the founding of the 96th party-building anniversary and commending the advanced personnel conference promoting the normalization and strengthen the party building, and facilitate enterprise innovation and development

panda electronics  2017-07-03

on the afternoon of 28th, june, panda electronics commemorated the founding of 96th anniversary conference which was held in recognition of the advanced personnel party building at the equipment park, party organizations at all levels within the panda electronics and party representatives, recognition of the advanced collective and advanced personal representatives and so on. more than 400 people attended the meeting. the leadership of the company attended the meeting.

the meeting was presided over by yi guofu, deputy secretary of the party committee of panda electronics and the secretary of the commission for discipline inspection.

xia dechuan, the gm of panda electronics first read "on recognition of 10 outstanding members and advanced grass-roots party organizations in 2017," company leaders awarded medals and certificates for advanced grassroots party organizations and representatives of the "top ten party members”.
  first, the party secretary song yunfeng of panda electronics in his speech on behalf of the company and headquarters, to express all the warmest greetings and highest respect, congratulations and thanks to those who commended advanced grassroots party organizations, outstanding party members for having long been working in the forefront of the party building. he pointed out that since we have carried out the learning education, there are five obvious change regarding party building work: through the development of "four-verification", the work of party building laid a more solid foundation; and through listening, watching and commenting "on-site inspections and examinations, the basic form of life system become more perfect; and by carrying out a wide range of party members of "bright identity, image and contribution of party practice, which has further highlights the vanguard role of party members; and giving full play to the advantages of modern information technology, the forms and contents of work of party building have become more innovative; and by improving and implementing the responsibility system of party building at all levels that has further enhanced the sense of party management .

song yunfeng at the meeting, combined with the company's actual facts for promoting learning education normalization and institutionalized requirements: one is with a clear overall goal, basic principles, and vigorously promote learning education normalization system; second is that we should always put ideological education as the primary task in real learning and further development, and to guide the party members for more higher qualifications "; the third is to insist on revealing problems, deepen the rectification, and to establish a long-term mechanism to find the solution to the problem; the fourth is to fully implementation for the party branch theme activities, and vigorously promote the construction of party branch in the specification, strengthen the basic system construction to implement the plan; and the fifth is to adhere to and put forward learning education system reform and development of normal stability, production and operation of the company with the in-depth of integration for production and management work to ensure practical results; and the sixth, we should deepen the comprehensive and strictly follow party management important task with detailed responsibility checklist, undertaking more main responsibility and strengthen in a more responsible play function.

the meeting, liu lan, party branch secretary from huage, and peng yuzhong from handa measurement department of the party branch, and xu huajun from equipment r & d center party branch on behalf of their party branches exchanged speeches and comments; and some of represents of outstanding party members from electronics manufacturing center, quality management department and import and export company also exchanged their speeches in the meeting.
  the conference ended in a solemn international song.
  the left picture shows the conference site.

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