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the company organized to carry out grass-roots party building work exchange activities and pushing forward the implementation and consolidate the foundation of party construction.

panda electronics  2017-05-31

in order to promote the implementation of the party building work responsibilities, and to strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, from may 23rd to 27, based on panda party deployment, all the industrial companies and party branches were organized to carry out the work of party building activities. song yunfeng, the party secretary of panda electronics, listened to the report on the spot.

before exchange activities, the work under party branches of panda electronics made a special inspection, bench-making the work specifications of higher-ups party branch and implementation of the "opinions" on the grass-roots party organization assessment of panda electronics requirements, reviewed their party branch work ledger, learning education related materials of data inspection, and combing with feedback. during the exchange activities, each branch prepared a written report, carefully summed up the annual branch work, analyzed the existing problems, worked out corrective actions and exchanged party building experiences.

song yunfeng affirmed the company party work for the year and each branch respectively made their comments, points out the existing problems and to improve the grass-roots party construction work in the direction of proposed requirements: one is to improve branch work and to perform their duties with the embodiment of love "panda" enterprises. we should give full play to the role of the party branch; three, we should take a serious attitude towards party branch work. to strictly adhere to the implementation work of the unit and panda electronics as well as party branch work norms and requirements, four is to do a good job of branch work that needs a positive enterprising spirit. to consolidate and improve the basis of revealing problems, improve party building and promote development.

for a year, all the grass-roots party organization is to seriously carry out as a learning organization, a good organizational life with a good democratic appraisal of party members which could improve the party's political awareness in an overall manner with taking consciousness as the core. at the same time, the branch has done a great deal of work in caring for workers, promoting development, maintaining stability and promoting harmony. it has made positive contributions to the development and construction of enterprises. during the exchange, all the grass-roots party organizations have also emerged enormous innovative methods for a further working improvement.

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