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panda information supported the opening of two metro lines in nanjing

panda electronics  2023-01-10

recently, the northern section of nanjing metro line 7 and the northern extension line of line 1 were officially put into operation. panda information built the communication system and afc system.

for the first time, the project of the northern section of nanjing metro line 7 has applied the broadband cluster wireless broadcast and wireless iph products independently developed by panda information. the product has passed the functional verification of various scenarios of fully automatic driving and the third-party safety assessment, and has met the technical requirements of goa4, which is a new breakthrough in the field of fully automatic driving technology of rail transit. on the terminal equipment, panda information has added the currently popular intelligent customer service equipment for the north section of nanjing metro line 7. through self-service operation, passengers can realize human-computer dialogue, conduct ticket analysis, query, online payment, internet refund, transaction query, etc., and also can query the online map, train operation time, ticket price list, station navigation, transfer query, metro business, metro surrounding information, etc. further improve the metro experience and improve travel efficiency of nanjing citizens.
the north extension line of nanjing metro line 1 will be connected to the zhujiang road zlc system (the zhujiang road zlc system has been put into operation at the end of december 2021), which has been considered in many aspects. on the one hand, a query machine system platform has been established in nanjing metro to provide data processing capability for nanjing metro query machine and other equipment; on the other hand, the new network standard of nanjing metro is adopted for construction. the new standard is upgraded from the original network standard, which greatly improves the real-time of data and is compatible with existing systems.

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