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the company successfully applied for the national key r&d program

panda electronics  2022-12-30

recently, panda has successfully taken the lead in applying for the project of "2.10 key technologies for intelligent operation decision of equipment manufacturing enterprises supporting dynamic reconstruction" in the national key r&d program "industrial software" of the ministry of science and technology.

the project was jointly applied by 9 units including panda, southeast university, harbin institute of technology, xi'an jiaotong university, wuhan university of technology, and so on. the project team has rich experience in new technology research, standardization and practical deployment and application, the follow-up research and development work will be carried out for 3 years.

this project will help to break through a number of key technologies of intelligent operation decision-making, help equipment manufacturing enterprises to achieve high automation, high value and support dynamic reconstruction of intelligent operation decision-making, further improve the informatization, intelligence level and operation efficiency of china's equipment manufacturing enterprises, and enhance their core competitiveness.

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