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insist on innovation to drive new breakthroughs in the company's scientific research

panda electronics  2022-10-31

recently, two r&d projects of panda electronics named "r&d of key technologies for multimodal human-machine interaction system integration based on brain computer interface technology" and "r&d of key technologies for digital twin emergency early warning system for optical cable precise monitoring" were successfully selected as the key r&d plan (industry prospect and key core technology projects) of jiangsu province in 2022.

the r&d work of the two projects will be jointly completed by the digital industry research institute, the r&d centers of the panda, jiangsu jitri, southeast university, nanjing university of information science & technology and other scientific research institutions. the project plan is one of the important measures taken by the jiangsu provincial department of science and technology to fully implement the 14th five-year plan for scientific and technological innovation in jiangsu province, accelerate the construction of a strong province through science and technology. the jiangsu provincial department of science and technology will provide funds for the implementation of the project plan.

the successful selection of the projects marks that the company's r&d and innovation capacity building and key core technology tackling will usher in new challenges and opportunities. in the future, the company will take the opportunity of the selection of the key project plans to comprehensively coordinate the company's r&d resources at all levels, strengthen the research on industry foresight and key core technologies, continuously improve the company's technological value creativity and technological innovation ability, and provide a solid technical support for the company's high-quality development

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