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panda electronics held phase work meeting of panda digital industry research institute

panda electronics  2022-05-20

on may 10, panda electronics held a phase work meeting of digital industry research institute in the panda equipment park. the general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee of panda electronics mr. xia dechuan and the secretary of the party committee of panda electronics mr. yi guofu attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

at the meeting, the vice president of the research institute mr. wen bo introduced the scientific research management system of the research institute from the three aspects of project guarantee, organizational structure guarantee and talent construction guarantee, and publicized and implemented 3 management system documents of the research institute.

the executive vice president of the research institute mr. lu bin said that in the next stage, the research institute will cooperate with each r&d center of panda to plan the industrial development direction and product r&d direction for the company's strategy. it will also integrate university scientific research resources, jointly tackle key core technologies and major scientific research projects, and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements.

yi guofu stressed in his speech that the establishment of the research institute is not only the need of the company's development during the "14th five-year plan", but also carries the expectations of the company's employees. he put forward opinions and requirements on the current and next stage of work from three aspects: implementing core functions, innovating operation modes and strengthening system construction. first, take the organization and coordination of technical forces and the promotion and implementation of major projects as the core functions to integrate r&d resources and organize major projects to tackle key problems in a coordinated manner. second, ensure the implementation of the company's strategy through the innovation of new project organization and long-term incentive models. third, optimize the science and technology management system, improve the coordinated development mechanism, and realize the sustained and healthy development and steady improvement of scientific research.

xia dechuan pointed out in his concluding speech that the research institute should focus on the strategic layout of the company and jointly promote key technology research, core product research and development, and the implementation of scientific and technological achievements; it is necessary to optimize and innovate the talent training and talent introduction mechanism for scientific research posts, promote the construction of scientific research talent team, improve the company's technical research ability, and support the realization of the strategic objectives of the company's "14th five-year plan"; we should jointly build a sharing mechanism based on the concept of "no boundary for r&d within panda", promote the optimal allocation of scientific research forces and resource sharing, and realize value creation.

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