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panda communication won the bid for a vessel informatization project

panda electronics  2021-10-25

since this year, panda communication has thoroughly implemented the deployment of "accelerating the promotion of digital industrialization" of the national 14th five-year plan, actively focused on the digital economy industry, and made gratifying achievements in the field of safe city such as satellite communication, emergency communication and digital parks. recently, panda communication has successfully won the bid for a vessel informatization project.

after winning the bid, panda communications established a project team to arrange the products, speed up the project progress, ensure the delivery of the project on schedule, strive to enhance its ability to develop digital economy and further improve its product share in markets of safe city, promote the digital economy to better serve and integrate into the new pattern of enterprise development, and provide a strong guarantee for the company to make a good start and take a good step in the 14th five-year plan.

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