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panda electronics launched the "quality month" in 2021

panda electronics  2021-09-10

in order tofurther improve the quality awareness of all employees and quality level,comprehensively improve the quality of thecompany's products, projects and services, the planning and technologydepartment of panda electronics organized all units of the company to carry outthe "quality month" in 2021. the theme of this "quality month"is "embracing digital change and promoting quality innovation", whichis intended to constantly promote quality improvement.

taking this "qualitymonth" as an opportunity, the company will focus on the fields of qualitysystem construction, quality risk management, quality excellence creation andimprovement, quality on-site management and mass quality activities, excavatethe excellent achievements of quality management of each unit, form anexperience knowledge base, communicate and promote within the company, and helpempower the high-quality development of the company.

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