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panda and nanjing metro build joint innovation laboratory

panda electronics  2021-05-17

in order to speed up the high-quality development of 5g digital economy, the unveiling ceremony of the joint innovation laboratory of nanjing metro and the white book conference of 5g smart rail transit, sponsored by nanjing metro, was successfully held in nanjing recently. related personnel of panda information attended the event.

panda and nanjing metro jointly set up a joint laboratory, which is not only an important measure to implement the national and jiangsu province to speed up the 5g industrial development layout, but also a specific action to strengthen high-level strategic cooperation among all parties, join hands to speed up the information construction, and promote the transformation and upgrading of economic and social development, pointing out the direction for panda information's new product research and development in the rail transit industry.

after the establishment of "5g smart rail transit joint innovation laboratory", the two sides will make use of their own advantages to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation in the research and development of 5g smart rail transit products, solutions, standard construction and other aspects, and jointly explore new formats and new models for the integrated development of 5g smart rail transit. in the next step, panda information will comply with the new trend of smart rail transit development, actively carry out innovative solution design and product development of smart rail transit based on 5g network, fully promote the digital transformation and upgrading of rail transit industry, and improve panda rail transit industry to a new stage.

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