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information center of panda does a good job in video conference support work

panda electronics  2021-02-09

in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the panda employees' congress adopted the combination of live conference and live video conference. the information center seriously formulated the operation and maintenance plan, refined the work, and did a good job in the video conference support work.

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the video conference, the information center attached great importance to it after receiving the notice and established a special operation and maintenance group. according to the requirements of the conference, it formulated the implementation plan, refined the work, and devoted all the time to the work to ensure the smooth holding of the video conference.

as panda's first large-scale video conference, the workers' congress realized the real-time live broadcast of the main venue and branch venue, with smooth connection, clear live voice, accurate picture and no fault, and successfully completed the meeting objectives.

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