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chengdu metro afc project undertaken by panda information ended perfectly

panda electronics  2020-12-21

on december 18th, five chengdu metro lines were opened at the same time, among which the afc projects of chengdu metro line 9 phase i, line 17 and line 18 phase ii, which were constructed by panda information, were successfully put into operation. these are the other three chengdu metro afc projects constructed by panda information after the successful opening of chengdu metro line 5 phase i and line 18 phase i afc projects. the opening operation marks the perfect end of the five projects of chengdu metro a bid undertaken by panda information, which has laid a solid foundation for the company to continuously develop the domestic rail transit market.

the successful completion of the chengdu a bid project has supported chengdu metro achieve its goal of opening up 500 kilometers this year, which is another new achievement made by panda information. in the next step, panda information will continue to work hard to open up the market, strive to achieve better results in the field of rail transit, and comprehensively promote the company's high-quality development.

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