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panda information took various measures to promote company development

panda electronics  2020-07-27

since this year, panda information has carried out comprehensive lean management, focused on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, accelerated transformation and upgrading, strengthened industrial support, and actively integrated into the national new infrastructure development strategy. all cadres and staff work together and strive hard to ensure the smooth and orderly progress of market development, project construction, scientific research innovation and planning guidance.

in the face of fierce market competition, panda information has always adhered to the market demand-oriented, based on independent innovation, strengthened capacity-building, and gradually formed competitive advantages in rail transit, intelligent building and other fields. new breakthroughs have been made in industrial development, and the project implementation ability has been fully affirmed by the customers. through a variety of ways, the company has enhanced business promotion, strengthened internal coordination, reasonably allocated resources, and strengthened tracking of key markets. relying on its own strength and efforts, the company has successively won the bid for communication general contract project, afc project of nanjing metro ningju line and other projects, with a total bid winning amount of more than 750 million yuan.

in terms of solidly promoting the project implementation and ensuring the smooth completion of the project, the company has 18 projects under construction of rail transit and intelligent building. affected by the epidemic situation, each unit carefully formulated the project implementation adjustment plan, and all the projects under construction were orderly promoted according to the plan. since the trial operation of the company's key project "nanjing ncc project", the project implementation team has continuously optimized the system software settings according to the actual operation requirements of nanjing metro, and successfully realized the effective control of all 7 connected metro lines. the project has passed the completion acceptance and officially delivered to use.

in terms of enhancing market development and strict internal control management, the company comprehensively promoted lean management to improve quality and efficiency, firmly established the awareness of cost control, optimized resource allocation, improved asset structure, and strictly assessed and controlled, and achieved remarkable results in lean management. with the goal of improving work efficiency and standardizing work flow, the company has started the compilation and revision of the new version of the system; the construction of sap-erp system has made new progress, and all units have worked together to solve problems, basically realizing the normal operation; the company has completed the initial audit of information system construction and service capacity evaluation, and the second supervision and audit of itss system, and has started to prepare the quality, environment, occupational health and safety, information security, it services and other management system certification review work.

in terms of giving play to the leading role of planning and improving the quality and efficiency of development, the company has set up a working group for the preparation of the "14th five-year plan" with clear division of responsibilities, fully discussed and exchanged the contents of the company's future development overall ideas, industrial development direction, product layout, r&d innovation, and guarantee mechanism, etc. finally, the first draft of the "14th five-year plan" of panda information was completed to promote the sustainable and rapid development of the enterprise.

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