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cai yuping and her delegation from nanjing metro group visited the company's innovation studio

panda electronics  2020-06-01

may 22, the deputy general manager and chairman of the labor union of nanjing metro group cai yuping, the vice chairman of the labor union and director of the work department of the labor union of nanjing metro group zhang yuanchun, the deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the labor union of nanjing metro operation company xu jianguo, researched staff innovation studio of panda electronics. they visited lu yuezhong innovation studio, feng enzhong innovation studio, lu jun innovation studio and li jin skill master studio, panda robot exhibition center and smart city show room.

the general manager and deputy secretary of party committee of panda electronics mr. xia dechuan, the deputy general manager of panda electronics, secretary of party committee and general manager of panda information mr. hu huichun, deputy secretary of party committee, secretary of discipline inspection commission and chairman of labor union of panda electronics mr. yi guofu, warmly received cai yuping and her delegation.

during the discussion, xia dechuan welcomed cai yuping and the delegation to panda. he pointed out that nanjing metro is an important strategic partner of panda in the years of cooperation, both sides have not only achieved common development, but also established profound friendship. he thanked nanjing metro for its support to panda over the years. he said that panda will keep up with the trend of technological development, constantly enhance its strength and give full play to its advantages, seize the development opportunity of 5g era together with nanjing metro, broaden the cooperation field and open a new win-win situation.

yi guofu introduced the situation of panda staff innovation studio. he elaborated on the selection of innovation studio, internal incentive mechanism, construction of professional and technical team, transformation of studio achievements, upgrading rating of studio, and implementation measures of "double promotion" project, and introduced the experience and practice.

cai yuping fully affirmed the cooperative relationship and achievements between nanjing metro and panda, praised the panda staff innovation studio's practice of solving problems and creating efficiency based on production practice. she said that nanjing metro will learn from the good experience and practice of panda, strengthen the innovation work of its own labor union, and take this opportunity to strengthen the co-construction and sharing of deeper areas with panda, so as to promote the cooperation between the two sides to continuously achieve new results.

at the meeting, the leader of panda staff innovation studio communicated with relevant personnel of nanjing metro labor union. the person in charge of panda administrative and legal department, labor union and panda information accompanied the reception.

the picture shows xia dechuan introducing the ncc of panda information to cai yuping (second from front left).

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