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panda electronics held the annual shareholders' meeting and board meeting of its owing companies

panda electronics  2020-06-01

recently, panda electronics held the annual shareholders' meeting and board meeting of its owing units, which was presided over by the general manager mr. xia dechuan. the directors, supervisors, management, relevant personnel and accountants of the company attended the meeting.

before the meeting, relevant leaders of the company led a team to make a thorough investigation of each industrial company and understood the relevant situations and existing problems of each unit. at the meeting, the leaders of panda manufacturing, panda network and energy, panda equipment, panda communication, panda information, panda emerging industry reported successively, summarized the operation and financial statements in 2019, and reported the operation plan and financial budget report in 2020. the meeting reviewed and approved the business indicators and key tasks of each unit in 2020, and discussed the progress and difficulties of current scientific research projects.

xia dechuan affirmed the business achievements of each unit in the past year. as for the next step, he stressed that in the face of the severe economic situation and arduous tasks, the management teams of all units should be firm in their confidence and face the difficulties. all units should focus on the market and customer needs, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and talent support, continue to optimize management, further strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, promote transformation and upgrading, and strive to achieve the company's 13th five-year development goal, and lay a solid foundation for the new development of the 14th five-year plan.

the secretary of the party committee of panda electronics mr. li changjiang pointed out in his speech that under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, all units should adhere to the bottom-line thinking, make a long-term ideological preparation for dealing with changes of the external environment, enhance the awareness of suffering, self-pressure and strive to promote reform and accelerate the promotion of core competitiveness. party organizations and leading cadres at all levels of the company should give full play to the leading and exemplary role, take the lead and responsibility, and conscientiously complete all tasks and objectives of the whole year.


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