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the company deployed three-year of special rectification actions for safety production and activity of safety production month

panda electronics  2020-06-01

on the afternoon of may 27, panda electronics held a special rectification action and monthly mobilization meeting for safety production in the equipment park. the assistant of general manager of panda group, secretary of party committee and general manager of panda emerging industry mr. dong zhiming attended the meeting and put forward requirements for safety production. leaders in charge of safety production and general safety officers of industrial companies and units attended the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that in order to implement general secretary xi jinping's important exposition on safety production, especially the directive spirit of "fundamentally eliminating hidden dangers", panda electronics formulated there-year action plan for special rectification of safety production and 2 special projects and 8 special rectification implementation plans according to the relevant requirements of the higher authorities and own realities. each unit shall formulate relevant special remediation plans, and specify the specific content, objective requirements and completion time limit of remediation.

june this year is the 19th national safety production month. the theme of the activity is "eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, build up safety lines". all units shall make flexible and diversified deployment and mobilization of safety production monthly activities to ensure the effectiveness of the activities.

in his summary, dong zhiming stressed that all units should have a deep understanding of the importance of doing a good job in the three-year action of special rectification, strengthen the leadership responsibility, be brave to take on the responsibility and do well in organization and implementation at all levels. all units should widely mobilize front-line employees to conduct comprehensive and in-depth investigation and treatment of safety risks in key areas and links, so as to prevent production safety accidents from the source. all units shall coordinate and promote the effective implementation of safety production, comprehensively improve the participation of employees, fundamentally eliminate the potential accidents, and create a harmonious and stable safety environment for the high-quality development of panda.

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