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panda information continuous won three bidding of rail transit projects

up to now, the cumulative winning amount of rail transit business has reached 500 million yuan this year.

panda electronics  2020-04-27

since the resumption of work, panda information who belongs to nanjing panda electronics co., ltd. has won the new rail transit project again. the company has won "wuxi metro clearing system interface and payment platform project", "nantong urban rail transit line 1 phase i project afc system integration procurement project", "nanjing-jurong rail transit project afc project", with a total bid amount of 246 million yuan. add the "general contracting communication project of nanjing-jurong intercity rail transit project" won by the early of this year, panda information has won 500 million yuan in rail transit business this year.

wuxi metro clearing system interface and payment platform project will realize the centralized control of the whole line network ticketing by the mobile payment platform. the winning of the project reflects panda information's strength in the implementation and technical research and development of rail transit afc project, and establishes panda's technical leading position in wuxi metro ticketing system.

nantong urban rail transit line 1 phase i project afc system integration procurement project is the first afc system integration project of panda information in nantong. the regional multiple line center (mlc) covered in the project will have a profound impact on the ticket interface standard of nantong metro network. the project has a large volume, with 11 units participating in the bidding. panda information finally won the bidding with its fine market work and excellent project strength.

nanjing-jurong intercity rail transit project is the first cross city rail transit project in nanjing. panda won the general contract of the communication project at the early of the year, and won the afc project again. the synchronous implementation of the two projects further enhanced the influence of panda rail transit in nanjing market.

affected by the epidemic at the beginning of the year, all work is facing great difficulties. since the resumption of work, a large number of projects have been overstocked in various cities, and the bidding work is very heavy at one time. in the face of challenges, panda information actively changed its working methods: on the one hand, it conducted high-density visits to key cities in line with the epidemic prevention policy, and actively carried out online communication to non-key markets; on the other hand, it deployed project and management personnel to work overtime to fully support the bidding work.

since the resumption of work, panda information focuses on the prevention of epidemic situation and the resumption of work. relying on the company's comprehensive strength and all-around cooperation, the company has successfully won the three bids, which not only consolidates the company's leading position in the east china rail transit market, but also lays a solid foundation for the completion of the year-round tasks.

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