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panda electronics held the 2020 interim shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors

panda electronics  2020-04-07

on the afternoon of march 26, panda electronics held the first interim shareholders’ meeting in 2020 in the panda equipment park. the meeting was presided over by the director and general manager mr. xia dechuan. and part of directors, supervisors, senior managers, accountants and witness lawyers attended the meeting.

li changjiang, secretary of the party committee of panda electronics, was elected as the non-executive director of the 9th board of directors. the meeting deliberated and passed the proposals on amending the articles of association, the rules of procedure of shareholders' meeting and the rules of procedure of the board of supervisors; according to the relevant provisions of the state council, and in accordance with the requirements of the company law and the listing rules of the hong kong stock exchange, combined with the actual operation, the company modified the time limit for sending the meeting notice before the shareholders’ meeting and the procedures to be performed, which further optimized and standardized the company governance and will improve the efficiency of standardized operation of the company.

as the amendment of the articles of association and the rules of procedure of the shareholders’ meeting involves the rights of classified shareholders, the company held the first classified shareholders' meeting in 2020 of a shares and h shares after the interim shareholders’ meeting. all proposals were passed in the above meetings.

on the morning of march 27, panda electronics held the 14th meeting of the 9th board of directors and the 11th meeting of the 9th board of supervisors at the panda equipment park. the chairman of the board of directors mr. zhou guixiang, and the chairman of the board of supervisors mr. zhao ji, presided over the above meetings respectively. members of the board of directors and the board of supervisors attended the meeting, and the management, relevant personnel and accountants attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

the above meeting deliberated and approved 27 proposals, including the work report of the board of directors, the work report of the board of supervisors, the work report of the general manager, financial related reports, profit distribution plans, 2019 annual reports and abstracts, draft budgets of capital expenditure projects, appointment of audit institutions, election of relevant professional members of the board of directors and nomination of candidates for non employee supervisors. at the meeting, it is proposed to distribute a cash dividend of rmb 0.175 (including tax) per ten shares to all shareholders, with a total cash dividend of rmb15.9922 million. at the meeting, the operation target for 2020 was determined.

at the meeting, mr. zhou guixiang made an important speech and put forward new specific requirements for the company's 2020 development goals, talent strategy implementation, industrial structure adjustment, innovative development path, etc. other members of the board of directors and board of supervisors put forward their opinions and suggestions on the formulation of the company's development plan, the management and control of the joint venture company, and the role of the platform of the listed company.

on the same day, the company held the audit committee meeting of the ninth board of directors. the members of the audit committee and the independent directors listened to the accountant's audit report of the 2019 annual report and the company's report on the evaluation of internal control.

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