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panda information was approved as "graduate workstation of jiangsu province"

panda electronics  2020-03-23

recently, the jiangsu education department and jiangsu science and technology department announced the list of graduate workstation of jiangsu province in 2019, among which panda information was listed. at the same time, it was approved as the "enterprise project" internship base for university students of nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics.

the enterprise graduate workstation takes enterprises as the main body, introduces the graduate team under the guidance of university graduate tutors to carry out technology research and development, and carries out personnel training. it is an important carrier to enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises. in recent years, panda information has fully integrated various resources, carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation in production-education-research, and made a number of key technological breakthroughs in the field of smart transportation. the recognition of graduate workstation of jiangsu province will play a strong role in promoting and supporting panda information in accelerating the r&d of new products, tackling key technologies, training core talents.

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