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panda electronics donated materials to jiangsu province hospital to help fight the epidemic

panda electronics  2020-03-09

on the afternoon of february 28, li changjiang, secretary of the party committee of panda electronics, went to jiangsu province hospital and donated 10000pcs european standard ffp2 (equivalent to us standard n95) medical masks imported from russia on behalf of the company. xue mingxin, secretary of the discipline inspection committee of jiangsu province hospital, accepted the warm donation on behalf of the hospital.

li changjiang said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, medical personnel have always adhered to the front line of the anti-epidemic to protect the life and health of the public. as a listed company under the state-owned enterprise, panda electronics resolutely fulfills its social responsibility, always pays close attention to the development of the epidemic situation and social needs, makes every effort to do a good job in the prevention of the epidemic and support works. and overcome the difficulties and fight against the epidemic together with medical personnel.

xue mingxin thanked panda for donating 10000pcs medical protective masks. he said that in the current shortage of medical protective materials, panda showed the responsibility by actively participating in social epidemic prevention and generously donating. jiangsu province hospital will continue to do a good job in anti-epidemic work, serve the people and do a good job in daily medical work.

it is reported that since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, domestic epidemic prevention materials especially the high-level medical masks have been in an emergency situation. the mask donated this time was panda's contribution to win the anti-epidemic war through practical actions.

zhu gen and wang xiaodong, vice presidents of jiangsu province hospital, and relevant principals of panda administration and legal affairs department and panda worker’s hospital participated in the donation activities.

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