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1226 party members of panda electronics made voluntary donations to support the epidemic prevention and control work

panda electronics  2020-03-09

one in trouble , assistance comes from all. in order to support the work against the epidemic in hubei and other key areas, 1226 party members of panda electronics voluntarily donated more than rmb210000 in total, contributing to win the prevention and control of the epidemic through practical actions.

leaders of the company took the lead in making donations through their party branches, and the party members of panda actively made voluntary donation. the company's former leaders and retired cadres also actively donated money to support the epidemic prevention and control work. in addition, many cadres and employees of the company donated money through the social donation platform to offer their love for the epidemic prevention work.

facing the epidemic situation, the party organizations and party members at all levels of panda conscientiously implement the spirit of general secretary xi jinping's instructions, and make overall plans for epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, and resolutely carry out the two tasks of epidemic prevention and resumption of work.

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