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panda information supported the opening of new metro projects in hefei and chengdu

panda electronics  2019-12-30

recently, afc system and mobile internet payment cloud platform system of hefei metro line 3,  and afc system of chengdu metro line 5 phase i and phase ii project, which are constructed by panda information have been put into operation. since opening, the operation of the equipment in the two cities has been stable and the operation data is accurate, which has been unanimously praised by the metro companies and the public. it fully proved the technical strength and rich project construction experience of panda in the field of rail transportation, and further improved the brand influence and product popularity of panda.

turn on "rail mobile payment" mode
on the morning of december 26, hefei metro line 3 was officially put into operation. this is another key rail transit project undertaken by panda information in hefei, following the opening of hefei metro acc project, hefei metro line 2 afc system project and hefei metro unionpay quickpass payment method, which helps hefei rail transit enter a new era of metro network transfer.

there are 33 stations in the whole line of hefei metro line 3, which is the longest and with the most stations in hefei at present. according to the metro company’s requirements, in addition to the afc project construction of hefei metro line 3, a mobile internet payment cloud platform system that meets the access capacity of 8 lines needs to be built, and the online software and hardware upgrading of the original afc system of line 1 and line 2 needs to be completed.

panda information fully prepared and promoted all the tasks as a whole, reply and deal with the problems in the test immediately to fully guarantee the smooth opening of the project.

only two hours after the opening, the passenger flow of the stations has reached more than 27000. the terminal equipment, internet platform and lc operate stably and well. the passengers applaud the newly opened line and qr code passing of hefei metro.

performance optimization and technological innovation bring new experience
after 18 months of preparation, the afc project of chengdu metro line 5 (phase i and phase ii) was successfully put into operation on december 27.

the afc system project of chengdu metro line 5 phase i and phase ii covers r&d design, equipment supply, debugging, testing, training and other related work. more than 2000 ticketing terminal equipment in 41 stations have refreshed the most single line stations contracted by panda information. and there are 13 types of ticketing equipment in this project, which created the most equipment types in the same industry projects in china. in the case of short debugging time and heavy testing tasks, all departments of the company cooperated closely, united and completed the debugging work in time.

in addition, since the project was approved, panda information has always maintained technical exchanges with relevant departments of chengdu metro, formed technical teams, and carried out performance optimization and technical innovation of traditional afc equipment. on the one hand, the self-service ticket processing terminal is set at the entry and exit barrier gate for the first time, which is convenient for passengers to handle simple ticket management service by themselves. on the other hand, in order to relieve the pressure of passenger flow in the morning and evening peak hours of the station and reduce the limit and waiting time of passengers, panda information has provided mobile gate equipment among stations and metro lines for the first time, which can be flexibly installed as a supplement to the check-in and exit of passengers in the peak hours. it really brings convenience for passengers to take the metro.

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