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lu jun from panda equipment is selected as the candidate of "jiangsu craftsman"

panda electronics  2019-12-23

on the morning of december 17, the researcher from the department of human resources and social security of jiangsu province mr. zhang guorong led the investigation team of jiangsu skills award to panda equipment park to investigate lu jun, the candidate of the second jiangsu skills award - "jiangsu craftsman". yi guofu, the deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection commission and chairman of the labor union of panda electronics, accompanied the inspection.

the team first visited panda robot exhibition center and digitalized factory to understand the company's main products and technical level in the field of intelligent manufacturing. in lujun skill master studio of panda equipment, the investigation team listened to the construction, technical research and talent training of the studio, and affirmed the achievements of panda in skill talent training and technological innovation.

during the discussion and exchange, the investigation group focused on the performance on lu jun's political morality, professional ethics, social morality, professionalism, technical skills and work performance, and made a comprehensive investigation and evaluation.

it is reported that jiangsu skill award is a provincial recognition project approved by the central government. each time, 10 jiangsu craftsmen and 100 jiangsu craftsmen are selected. among them, "jiangsu craftsman" is the highest honor of jiangsu skilled talents.

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