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panda took its innovative achievements to the intelligent manufacturing conference

panda electronics  2019-12-09

from november 28 to 30, 2019 china (changsha) cyber security & intelligent manufacturing conference was held in changsha international convention and exhibition center. with the theme of "innovation to lead for a smart future", this exhibition comprehensively shows the new trends, achievements and experiences of the new generation of cyber security and intelligent manufacturing. panda equipment showed its soul painter robot and service robot, which has been widely concerned.

the soul painter robot is a 0.6m portrait experience workstation, which uses the panda pr04dh (0.6m/4kg) high-speed and high-precision industrial robot to take a picture for the experimenter, and automatically generates a trajectory and robot program according to the photos. the characters of the experimenter were precise in outline, vivid in expression. the audience at the scene praised and experienced the panda robot.

at the scene, a round and cute robot with a great affinity was warmly welcomed by the audience. everyone stopped to interact with it, whose witty and humorous dialogue were full of interesting. it's xiaobei, a new robot product developed by panda equipment based on ai technology such as deep learning intelligent vision, semantic understanding and slam navigation. it has a series of functions such as face recognition, voice interaction, family entertainment, emotional communication, home intelligent control, etc.. it can provide personalized solutions for children's education, smart home, business office and other fields to create a new intelligent experience.

the 2019 china (changsha) cyber security & intelligent manufacturing conference fully demonstrates the industry's advanced trends and innovative achievements. representatives of more than 400 well-known enterprises and relevant experts and scholars from around the world have conducted in-depth discussions on the construction of the strategic layout, industrial hot spots and advanced technologies of cyber security and intelligent manufacturing. as a demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing, panda equipment is actively in the forefront of the industry, contributing to promoting the high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing in the new era.

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