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the independent director of nanjing panda investigated shenzhen jingwah

panda electronics  2019-10-28

on october 14, the independent directors of nanjing panda electronics co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "nanjing panda") du jie, zhang chun and gao yajun investigated shenzhen jingwah electronics co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shenzhen jingwah"), a subsidiary of nanjing panda, and received warm reception from the leadership of shenzhen jingwah. the general manager of panda electronics mr. xia dechuan, the chief accountant mr. hu dali, the secretary of the board of directors mr. wang dongdong, and heads of relevant departments accompanied the investigation.

the independent directors inspected the property management and surrounding business environment of jingwah, visited shenzhen jingwah’s history show room, production workshop and product r&d center, learned about the company's new product r&d and technological innovation, and listened to the report of the general manager of shenzhen jingwah mr. wang guoqing about the company's operation and future strategic planning .

the independent directors highly affirmed that shenzhen jingwah has taken root in the forefront of reform and opening up, adhered to scientific research and development, based on market demand, and made outstanding business performance. and it also made an important contribution to the high-quality development of nanjing panda. at the same time, they put forward professional suggestions and opinions on the product r&d, market development and property management industry development of shenzhen jingwah. they hope that shenzhen jingwah will seize the historical opportunity of shenzhen's construction of the first demonstration zone of socialism with chinese characteristics, further deepen the reform and strive for greater development and performance.

on the same day, the independent directors communicated with leaders such as mr. xia dechuan on relevant business operations.

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