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panda won the highest prize in the 4th national quality innovation competition

panda electronics  2019-08-12

from july 23 to 28, the 4th national quality innovation competition was held in hangzhou. the project "fpd engineering automatic transmission system" was developed by panda independently, which stood out from more than 1,000 projects, and won the highest-level award - qicv level technical achievements. this project will have the chance to attend the 2019 international quality innovation competition.

the national quality innovation competition is organized by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council (sasac) and china association for quality. it is an important activity to promote innovation drive and quality improvement in line with the international quality innovation competition. the competition is also the highest level in the field of nationwide quality innovation, aiming at improving the quality of innovation, encouraging innovative achievements and promoting innovation exchanges, and enhancing the international reputation of chinese enterprises and innovative achievements. this competition has attracted more than 20 new technologies, new products and many other quality innovation projects from aerospace, railway, shipping and electronic information industries all over the country.

after receiving the notice of the competition in may, the company leaders paid great importance to it. the company's planning and technology department organized and implemented the project of "fpd engineering automation transmission system" from panda equipment, and selected the backbone teams of company's quality management, technology management and product r&d to participate in the competition. in the preparation for the competition, the team actively prepared all kinds of materials, from innovation and quality, covering the novelty, practicability, knowledge, customer orientation, effectiveness and 16 scoring points of the competition. finally, after two links of on-site ppt report and judges' questioning, the project was unanimously praised by the judges of the competition, and won the highest prize of the national quality innovation competition with high scores.

it is reported that the "fpd engineering automation transmission system" project has achieved high-speed transmission, storage and reliable operation of large-scale ultra-thin glass substrates. this technology breaks the international monopoly and owns independent intellectual property rights. it promotes the new flat panel display industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency, improves the quality of whole process, and reaches the international advanced level.

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