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panda electronics hold the lean management promotion meeting of headquarters

panda electronics  2018-10-08

on september 28, panda electronics hold the lean management promotion meeting of headquarters in the panda equipment park to investigate and check the progress of lean management in each department. the general manager of panda electronics xia dechuan attended the meeting and made a speech. the company leaders song yunfeng, shen jianlong, yi guofu and jiang hong attended the meeting. the meeting was chaired by the deputy general manager of panda electronics shao bo.

at the meeting, the heads of each department reported the situation of lean management plan and implementation, exchanged their experiences and practices in lean management, and elaborated on the current problems, the next step of work ideas and matters needing coordination, solution or support.

xia dechuan pointed out that since the lean management was comprehensively promoted this year, each company and department has earnestly carried out the implementation and achieved periodic results. meantime, there are also problems such as imbalance in development and lack of further promotion. he stressed that at present and in the future, lean management should be carried out to all the works. he required all departments to pay great importance to lean management work, comprehensively promote and deepen. the heads of all departments should carry out effective activities in line with the actual situation, and strengthen propaganda to root the concept of lean management in the hearts of all employees, and promote lean management to achieve new and greater results.

at the meeting, the head of the operation management department also informed the lean management program and implementation of each industry company. the head of the headquarter department and the middle management attended the meeting.

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