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panda showed on the china smart city international expo

panda electronics  2018-08-27

august 21st, the 4th china smart city international expo 2018 (hereinafter referred to as "smart city expo") with the theme of "new era, new journey - digital china, smart society" opened in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. panda information, panda communication and panda broadcast television attended the exhibition. deputy secretary-general of the national development and reform commission ren zhiwu, mayor of shenzhen chen rugui, vice mayor of shenzhen ai xuefeng visited panda’s booth. the general manager of cec panda chen kuanyi, and the leaders of panda electronics xia dechuan, song yunfeng and guo qing visited the exhibition.

on the first day of the exhibition, chen rugui came to the panda’s booth to study about the competitive advantages and and achievements of panda smart city. he encouraged panda to deepen cooperation with local enterprises in shenzhen to achieve win-win development while panda continually increasing r&d investment and innovation in the industry of smart city.

during the exhibition, chen kuanyi, xia dechuan and song yunfeng visited the exhibition. they asked to strengthen the capability of r&d, design, manufacture and resource development of the professional solutions of smart city and supporting services. and we should improve the innovation and practicality of our products and push forward the development of panda smart city.

the smart city expo is the largest exposition in the field of smart city in china. it aims to promote cooperation and exchanges between international and domestic cities and enterprises. this exhibition will focus on the typical cases, cutting-edge technologies and the latest application achievements of new smart city.

in the field of intelligent transportation, panda demonstrated the products and systems of ncc, tera wireless system redevelopment, afc / acc intelligent cloud platform and so on. in addition, it has demonstrated in the fields of safe city, smart building, smart home, smart community, emergency communication application of small base station, 4g probe fence equipment, photovoltaic energy storage power supply, smart central control platform and so on.

in the interactive experience area, the new generation of information technology based on internet of things, big data, cloud platform has become the focus. the intelligent face analysis platform can read the age and gender of visitors, the thermal distribution of the location, the resident status of visitors on the booth and the frequency of visits through analyzing the features of visitors' faces. the phone-pass and face recognition gate based on the technology of phone-pass and face recognition and mobile payment, people can pass through the gate smoothly by a smart phone. safe, efficient and fast make the audience feel the charm of "intelligent panda".

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