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panda 3261 (e-4) push receiver

1) itadopts st7105 solution with built-in power supply.

2) besideshousehold programs, it also has the function of push and vod. the receiver hastwo satellite signal input interfaces. one is to receive live satelliteprogram, another is to receive the push programs. the two signals workindependently and do not affect each other.

3) withbuilt-in 500g 2.5 inch professional dvr hd hard disk, it can operate for 24hours to store satellite push programs with the feature of mute, good heatdissipation and low power consumption.

4)the present programs consist of supply and marketing, vr, cinema, tv series,shopaholic, library, science and technology house, game bar, live channels.users may choose different program based on their interests.

5) through external network cable, the user can connect the computer tobrowse the push web pages.

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