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based on fpga dsp architecture,this high-speed digital processing module uses fpga of v5 fpga series fromxilinx and dsp from ti. it supports single gigabit ethernet port, two 60pinhigh density differential cpci connector, one fmc-hpc interface, and can beequipped with high-speed 4-way adc/dac acquisition module. it is applied insoftware radio, high speed signal acquisition and processing, radio simulationverification platform, radar signal acquisition.

main specifications

equipped with chips of xc5vsx95tfrom xilinx’s v5 series and dsp tms320c6455 from ti

fpga: two 128 x 32bit ddr2external, with each capacity of 4gbit and totally 8gbit

dsp: one 128 x 32bit ddr2external, with capacity of 4gbit

dsp supports 1 gigabit ethernetport

fpga: external flash, support32mb

dsp: external flash, support32mb

power consumption: ≤ 20w

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