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panda brand v1 vehicular 3g mobile video surveillanceterminal is a wireless monitoring product specially designed for safetyprecautions. it can transmit real-time av signals via 3g network(cdma/wcdma/td-scdma). the upload and download of broadband av signals areachieved by wireless transmission technology with h.264 audio and videocompression standard. the product is of high mobility, stronganti-interference, easy to install and manage.

panda v1 vehicular 3g mobile video monitoring terminalcan be a standalone system or composed of a monitoring network. it is widelyapplied in the fields of security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrialcontrol and home monitoring.

integrated gps/ beidou chip, interconnection to gisgeographic information system, real-time remote monitoring the location of thedevice;

support the function of osd menu interface display,convenient for users looking up or setting device’s parameters;

support multiple wireless networks including evdo, wcdma,td-scdma, wifi, and wimax

support 1~4 pal/ntsc video signal input

support h.264 video compression technology, pal: 16~25frames/sec, ntsc: 16~30 frame/sec

pal source input conversion: cif resolution 352*288, d1resolution 704*576

ntsc source inputconversion: cif resolution 352*240, d1 resolution 704*480.

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