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panda pm761 terminal is an all-in-one machine withbuilt-in gps/ beidou positioning module and a 3g encrypted communicationmodule. it has a good man-machine interactive function by buttons and touchscreen. its waterproof design can well adapt to the harsh ship environment andbe access to shipborne beidou, ais communication, wireless video surveillancesystems.

the capacitive touch screen can support multi-touch byfinger or stylus pen. it is very convenient for users to search and positionwith mouse, functional and numerical keys.

panda pm761 shipborne terminal can be used in variousapplications with different software, it may be a standalone computer orcombined to form a monitoring network, which can be widely applied in multiplefields including security surveillance, traffic monitoring and industrialcontrol.

the shell and bracket are made of aluminum alloy to meetthe requirements of heat dissipation and anti-corrosion.

fixing brackets and shock absorber make the devicesuitable for boats and ships.

man-machine interaction by buttons and touch screen

support interconnection to shipborne beidou dual-modeterminal      

support gps/beidou dual-mode positioning

built-in beidou antenna

support interconnection to ais (automatic identificationsystem) communication equipment

support interconnection to military cdma plus mi gateway

integrated design of display and man-machine interface

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